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Pat Heffernan

Pat Heffernan — marketing strategist, writer, and founder of Marketing Partners in Burlington, Vermont — writes about strategy, words, and communication to create change.

Word cloud with social marketing buzz words

3 min read

Social Marketing: It’s Past Time to Reframe and Rebrand

Have you been there? You start to notice many of your conversations get derailed because your basic language and labels are triggering a radically...

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Social Media Button Sets

2 min read

Social Media Buttons: One Set or Two?

Social media buttons seem to be everywhere, except when you want one. I am often frustrated by not being able to share an interesting article, or by...

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Ad shows babies sleeping in a bed with large knives within reach, with headline saying

2 min read

Good Causes Hurt by Bad Ads

Good causes suffered from a rash of poorly conceived ads in 2011. The usual culprit was a concept with strong words and images designed to be ‘edgy’,...

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A dragonfly rests on a twig.

2 min read

The Dragonfly Effect: A Must-Read if You're Selling Good

Social marketing, behavior change communication, public service advertising, cause marketing—whatever the preferred terminology in your field, The...

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Word graphic saying

2 min read

Behavior Change and Social Marketing: Common Pitfalls, Practical Tips

It's what people do that counts. Not what they're aware of. Or what they think. Or what you tell them. But you know that. If you have been involved...

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Golden Circle_Simon Sinek_290x167

2 min read

People Don’t Buy What You Do – They Buy WHY You Do It

It happened again last week. The new product brief, chock full of features and detailed specifications, arrived in my box -- and there was no inkling...

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