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The Marketing Partners Team



Pat Heffernan


Pat — marketing strategist, writer, and founder of Marketing Partners — serves as creative change director for our client team.

Dave Bowers


Dave Bowers

Dave’s time at work is divided up between making things happen for our clients, and for our agency.



Hiro Soga

With experience in graphic design, copywriting and all things social media, Hiro is excited to be able to contribute to our team and clients after 6 years in Philadelphia.



Lyz Tomsuden

Lyz has a strong background in advertising design in a fast-paced environment from her years at a local newspaper. 



Joanne Single

Whatever the channel, proofing, editing, and translating the complex into clear, easy-to-understand messages for vulnerable audiences is Joanne's forte.

Sally Kieny


Sally Kieny

Sally brings her technical knowledge and versatile communication skills to our clients’ work as a public relations manager, writer and editor.