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On Our Radar highlights issues of interest to the MPI Team, our clients and friends. We tend to pick topics of particular relevance to Vermont, whether or not they have emerged in national awareness yet.

The Guide to Inclusive Language


Image of someone turning off their TV remote

1 min read

Americans are Turning Off the News

If you find yourself skimming the morning news and skipping the evening news, you're not alone. Columbia Journalism Review reports that there is a...

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Slowly Ever So Slowly More Female CEOs

Over the past 20 years, the number of female CEOs at Fortune 500 companies has increased by nearly 14-fold. Sounds good until you realize in 2021...

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Barred owl sitting in a tree

1 min read

Ageism, Economic Development and Entrepreneurship

The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Are... Does age predict entrepreneurial success? Yes, say many Americans, and they would be right. But they would...

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1 min read

Is Your Trust in the CDC Eroding?

Despite missteps amid a charged political season, I believe the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) remains a public health institution...

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Interrelated Public Health, Food System, Public Interest Communication Challenge_NYT_video_Screen Shot 2019-04-07

1 min read

Public Health-Food System-Public Interest Communication Challenge

The most compelling and convincing of the many pieces I've seen during National Public Health Week 2019 are an article and a video in The New York...

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image_Patrick Kyle_22lerner-jumbo_NYT

Toxic Chemicals: States Are Doing What EPA Won’t

Image Credit Patrick Kyle Since residents of Bennington, Vermont found PFOA in their tap water last year, it seemed a given to many of us that a...

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Ryan Johnson for NPR > phone-1_wide-975a9e40808c50f9e2275e127a5548be69bddcbf-s700-c85

Unplugging: How To Power Down In A Wired World

Ryan Johnson for NPR NPR shared an excellent piece today on the impact of technologies on our brains. This is the subject of near-daily discussion in...

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Women's Enterprise Hub horiz.jpg

3 min read

How to Support Women Entrepreneurs in Rural Areas

The need is well documented. The Kauffman Foundation and others have detailed the female-male gap in business startup rates, gross revenues and...

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