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We update this collection of free publications, presentations, and other Resources for Change to help you unlock the power of communication. Check back often.


Featured Resources

The coronavirus pandemic delivered a dramatic lesson in the need for crisis and emergency communication to every mission-driven organization in the United States. Thankfully, our clients were prepared — either with a foundation of identified stakeholder needs and communication principles, or a formal crisis communication plan. Here is a sampling of our crisis communication resources.

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Crisis Communication Priorities and Protocols
No matter what your industry or sector, you have at least one potential crisis lurking. (What if your manufactured product failed and caused a tragedy? If you are a nonprofit, what if an employee harmed a person in your care?) Even if you have recognized the need for crisis communication planning and developed your plan, you may find implementation challenging when you are in the midst of a crisis. It can be very difficult at such a time to think clearly about your priorities and protocols for how best to disseminate information to your various audiences and stakeholders. Let’s walk through how you can develop a basic checklist now, so it’s ready if (or when) you need it in a crisis.

Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication: Best Practices
This classic CDC podcast and transcript describes the five most common mistakes made in emergency communication to the public and how to counter them.

Crisis and Emergency Communication Checklist [pdf]
Here's a basic checklist of what to do when, and in what order to contact your stakeholders, so you're ready if (or when) you need it in a crisis.



Guides and Ebooks

The Guide to Inclusive Language
Guide-to-inclusive-languageWe understand that changing old patterns can be intimidating at first. That’s why we created the Guide to Inclusive Language to help you look at how to reduce the barriers that unconscious biases in your visual and verbal messages can present.

Your Guide to Video Strategy
video-strategy-webDownload Your Guide to Video Strategy e-book to get the most from your video projects.


How to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day
Monitoring-Social-Media_cover-4Social media provides an wonderful opportunity for you to reach out to potential customers, but should you be expected to monitor around the clock? Which networks should you pay attention to? Where do you even start? In this ebook, How to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day, we'll answer these questions and teach you how to streamline your social media monitoring process.



News & Updates

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Checklists, Charts and Tips [PDF files]

Website accessibility checklist (PDF)
This is a simple checklist of the basic accessibility features needed to make a website page available to most people. For a more detailed explanation of the how and why to make your website inclusive, you can dive into articles like these:
Web Accessibility and Why it Matters
Your Website Design Accessibility and Inclusion Challenge

Process to Build an Inbound Marketing Offer (PDF)

Blog and Social Media Image reference chart

Tips for Reluctant Marketers: How to Close a Deal, Make the Ask



Templates and Worksheets

Story Impact Rating score sheet

DIY Video Production Checklist

Positioning Statement Worksheet

Sample Nonprofit Website Request for Proposal (RFP) template

SMART Goals worksheet



Presentations and Papers

21 Inspiring Quotes from Changemakers 

Behavior Change & Social Marketing: Common Pitfalls, Practical Tips
(Moving from Awareness to Action to Reduce the Use of Fossil Fuels)

Social media integration for values-based organizations

Glossary of Marketing Terms