Branding, Positioning and Strategy

We have enjoyed many opportunities to help nonprofits, businesses and government agencies with branding, positioning and mission-driven strategy since our inception.

Positioning defines the mental position a company and its products/services wants to hold in customers’ minds, in relation to its competitors. It is the touchstone for developing new products, creative copy, and designs for advertising, marketing, and public relations efforts. This is a critical component to the success of any brand and a significant portion of the focus in our collaborative branding process. Positioning not only helps build internal consensus for those who will be implementing your branding tactics, but it provides a strong basis for a comprehensive brand strategy.

Building a brand identity includes research of competitor marks, creation of multiple design alternatives, refinement of the final selection, specification of key colors and complementary colors for use in a wide variety of media (e.g., print, web), and can also involve developing a trademark application and a style manual that documents the standards and guidelines for logo use. Unlike many marketing firms who approach branding strictly from a graphic or visual perspective, we believe the most important part of a successful branding project is positioning.

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