Marketing Strategy and Planning | Marketing Partners VT

Marketing Partners believes a clear definition of your market and your objectives is essential to the success of any marketing communications project. A thorough definition allows us to collaborate with you to obtain the most relevant research information, develop effective marketing strategies, and craft compelling messages.

If a strategic marketing plan is needed, we begin with an initial meeting to explore your broad goals and objectives and identify special issues that need to be addressed. Next we move into a situation analysis where we identify internal and external marketing factors and their impact on your company and your customers, as well as current trends in the market. This includes a complete marketing audit and analysis of your existing marketing tools and activities as well as a market analysis and review of competitors. We conduct a thorough SWOT analysis with your in-house team and then work together to clearly identify target audience(s), product/service features and attributes and benefits.

The development of a positioning statement and key messages help form our strategic direction and serve as the basis for our marketing activities moving forward. Finally, we develop an action plan with long-term marketing goals, SMART objectives, relative priorities, strategies for implementation and metrics for evaluation.