Integrated Marketing Communication

Marketing Research

Research is the foundation of any successful marketing strategy, whether it is business-to-business, business-to-consumer, or government-to-citizen. Marketing Partners offers our clients a full range of qualitative and quantitative primary research services, in addition to deep capabilities and resources for secondary research.

By keeping our research services within our firm instead of outsourcing, our team gains intimate knowledge and insight into our client's target audience. Focus groups, intensive individual interviews, or Internet, telephone, intercept, or email surveys are primary research methodologies frequently requested by clients. We also routinely conduct comprehensive secondary research using extensive paid online resources and subscription-based external information services such as LexisNexis, Dialog, and Datastar.

Translating research findings into effective creative materials is a particular strength of the Marketing Partners team. By identifying the current knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of our clients’ target audiences, we are able to develop key messages and creative concepts that resonate.

Since 1996, Marketing Partners has used Research Partners as a registered trade name, or “doing business as” (dba) operating arm for our clients' independent research projects. For more information about our research standards & ethics, methodologies, and research clients, please visit Research Partners.


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