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Traditional Marketing

Don’t let the word fool you. Traditional marketing channels are dynamic and for many years have proven to be cost-effective approaches for specific audiences, industries, services, and products. Many agencies have abandoned traditional marketing for digital-only services but at Marketing Partners we believe classic, traditional approaches can play an important role.

Traditional versus Digital versus Integrated Marketing?

There is no one right answer to this question. Your audiences' expectations determine where you need to be — and that determines the marketing services you need. Our clients who lean heavily on traditional marketing services such as advertising in print or broadcast media, trade shows and events, or printed collateral materials (think flyers and rack cards), tend to share one or more characteristics:

  •  An audience accustomed to a specific style of in-person events or industry trade shows
  • An audience that prefers the visual and tactile experience of high-end printed catalogs, magazines, or physical product prototypes
  • An audience too busy or suspicious of anything but a messenger from their community, often delivered door-to-door
  • An audience not comfortable online, or unable to access online information from home
  • An audience with lower-literacy or English-as-second-language challenges, such as New Americans, migrants, or refugees

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