Traditional Marketing

Media Planning & Buying

Effective media planning, buying, and post-buy analysis is only as good as the depth of understanding behind it. That’s why our media team doesn’t work in a vacuum, but actively participates in the development of research objectives and creative strategies for all our clients.

This integrated approach, what we like to call media management, allows our media team to fine-tune media plans and buys based on your target audiences and objectives.

We are tactic- and media-channel neutral. We are not swayed by the latest fad, what's been done in the past, or commissions from the media.

Our firm brings value through focused audience research and diligent rate negotiations for clients — and by passing on media pricing and invoices at net. Marketing Partners has always believed there was an inherent conflict of interest in accepting agency commissions on media buys — but particularly when those commissions increase with the size of the buy, as is the traditional practice in the advertising industry.

Our clients advertise locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally. Our client media placements have included every conceivable advertising channel: consumer print placement; trade print placement; broadcast and cable TV placement; online banners, search and digital display ad placement; Google AdWords; outdoor advertising; online/offline sponsorships, and social media network advertising.

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