Integrated Marketing Communication

Marketing Analytics and Measurement

marketing partners services integrated marketing iconWe believe in measuring what matters. That begins with establishing SMART objectives and agreeing in advance on what success looks like, and how it will be measured, for each of your major marketing activities.

Our marketing analytics services blend together qualitative and quantitative performance measures, data science, and business intelligence capabilities to develop actionable insights from your marketing data.

Why conscious marketing analytics

The importance of marketing analytics is easy to see: if something costs more than it returns, it's not a good long-term strategy. But determining the return on an activity is not always easy for mission and values-led organizations that value more than profit. We collaborate with you to ensure the full spectrum of what matters to you is included when evaluating marketing’s contribution to your mission.

Integrated marketing analytics

For your digital marketing activities, our team members are Google-certified and/or HubSpot-certified analytic specialists who track and evaluate the metrics. From web activity analytics and conversion analysis to industry benchmark intelligence, your digital marketing analytics will help drive continuous improvement in results.

For your traditional marketing and PR activities, your scorecard might include metrics for tradeshow lead quality, responses to direct display advertising, or the aggregate media and PR results for story impact ratings.

Our integrated marketing-analytics approach is the key to driving your sustainable success — however you have defined success.