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Repurpose your nonprofit video content for a new perspective

By Tara Pereira on Aug. 4, 2016

If you think about the time and resources needed to develop and produce a fantastic video for your nonprofit, it...

Top Secret: You Get Results with Strategic Advertising

By Dave Bowers on Jul. 28, 2016

Advertising works. Businesses get results with strategic advertising. Why else would so many businesses spend so...

10 Effective Design Principles You Need to Know

By Brad Pettengill on Jul. 21, 2016


Whether you’re creating a new page design for your website, an online ad, print brochure or an infographic, many...

Capturing the Event: Don't forget your visual checklist

By Tara Pereira on Jul. 14, 2016


You’ve been planning your next event for a while now — finding a location, building a schedule and making sure...

Effective Marketing Strategies: Do You Know When to Do What?

By Pat Heffernan on Jul. 7, 2016


The other day, as we pondered our (heavy) work plan together for the upcoming six weeks, a startup mission-driven...

Events: How to master the art of the mission-driven plan

By Tara Pereira on Jul. 4, 2016

Summer is the perfect season to plan an event or fundraiser for your mission-driven organization. Who wouldn't want...

Marketing with Color: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

By Brad Pettengill on Jun. 30, 2016


Last week I ran across a New York Times article detailing one marketing research company’s process to determine...

Understanding the Creative Production Process

By Dave Bowers on Jun. 27, 2016


Every business or non-profit needs smooth orderly processes to be successful. Lean manufacturers make a...

For the love of social media: How to optimize your photos

By Dave Bowers on Jun. 23, 2016


You’ve got the photo you want, so just post it – right? Not so fast!