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We regularly update our collection of free publications, presentations, and other Resources for Change to help you unlock the power of communication. 


1 min read

New membership association website launched by FOVLAP

It's not uncommon for a membership association to ask us to help when its website no longer meets the current day...
1 min read

WheelPad L3C's Julie Lineberger Interviewed on Real Leaders Podcast

Co-founder and President of WheelPad L3C, Julie Lineberger, was interviewed on the Real Leaders Podcast where she...

1 min read

RPS Students Participate in Gender & Sexuality Conference

On Wednesday, November 17, Rock Point School participated in Outright Vermont's statewide virtual Gender & Sexuality...

1 min read

Americans are Turning Off the News

If you find yourself skimming the morning news and skipping the evening news, you're not alone. Columbia Journalism...

1 min read

Slowly Ever So Slowly More Female CEOs

Over the past 20 years, the number of female CEOs at Fortune 500 companies has increased by nearly 14-fold. Sounds...

2 min read

Ageism, Economic Development and Entrepreneurship

The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Are...
Does age predict entrepreneurial success? Yes, say many Americans, and they...