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Brad Pettengill

In addition to his role on our team as senior designer and art director, Brad is a professional photographer and long-time Kung Fu instructor. With all that fodder for blogging, Brad narrows his focus to write about design and balance in graphics, photography and life outside work.

Recent Posts

Basic Quality Control for your Brand Image

By Brad Pettengill on Aug. 31, 2017


It’s a familiar problem. You have invested a great deal of time and money to create a strong visual identity for...

A Vermont designer’s marketing observations in Morocco

By Brad Pettengill on Jul. 27, 2017


For her recent birthday, my wife wanted to wake up in an exotic location. She wanted to experience Morocco,...

How to work with your designer to get the best logo design

By Brad Pettengill on Jun. 29, 2017

Vision Changes: Typography for Aging Audiences

By Brad Pettengill on Mar. 23, 2017


A reader recently responded to my blog post Typeface Choice: Ask yourself Three Questions, by raising an important...

Which works best for changemakers—Illustration or...

By Brad Pettengill on Feb. 23, 2017


You need visual impact for your upcoming campaign or promotion. Which will work harder for you— illustration or...

Design for Activism

By Brad Pettengill on Jan. 26, 2017


Whether you are marketing a product to improve the environment using triple bottom line principles, working on a...

How to Achieve Marketing Consistency in Your Materials

By Brad Pettengill on Oct. 20, 2016


So you’ve decided to invest in a multi-faceted, multi-channel marketing campaign. Your presence, message and...

Why should your nonprofit invest in good design?

By Brad Pettengill on Sep. 15, 2016


Why should your nonprofit invest in good design? Your mission is pressing, the needs are great — why spend money...

10 Effective Design Principles You Need to Know

By Brad Pettengill on Jul. 21, 2016


Whether you’re creating a new page design for your website, an online ad, print brochure or an infographic, many...