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Change Convos Monthly top picks: 5 links we loved in October

By Pat Heffernan on 11/5/15 10:00 AM

Monthly Top 5 Links - October


Let's recap our five favorite posts for change makers and communicators from around the web in October. As if to keep up with the vibrant colors of fall foliage, the web offered a wealth of captivating posts last month, which made narrowing down to five monthly top picks an unusual challenge. And read on to discover the top stories from right here on the Change Conversations blog.

Monthly top picks: 5 links we loved in October

What’s That Typing Sound in Action Movies? (Slate)

Making silent and solitary pursuits come to life is a common challenge for change makers. The creative evolution of tackling that challenge to make digital text and writing real on screen, makes for a fascinating read/watch/listen, even for non-movie buffs. #Writing #Storytelling

How to Disagree: Amin Maalouf on the Key to Intelligent Dissent and Effective Criticism (Brain Pickings)

After a week in D.C. last month, I was primed for this post on what is arguably my favorite blog, Brain Pickings. (Maria Popova’s eclecticism is a delightful respite from the relentless mantra of “focus, focus, focus.”) #IntelligentDissent #Conversation

Every Penny: How this single mom survives on $7.50 an hour (CNN Money)

Understanding the lives of those living in a world we’ve never experienced can be a barrier to grasping the “why” behind policy and system solutions. This compelling video by CNNMoney's Logan Whiteside and Richa Naik makes real the life of a single mom working for McDonald’s. Or, as NYT blogger KJ Dell’Antonia writes: “You know it would be hard to live on the minimum wage — but this is how it really breaks down: the rent, with public assistance. The child care and the groceries, ditto. The (very necessary) mobile phone. The root canal (can’t afford it). The toys (can’t buy them), the lunch (not eating it). It’s gritty and it’s real and I don’t want to forget it." #RaiseTheWage #StartTheConvo

A Convening on Work and Children (Medium)

For a different take on the challenges working parents face in the U.S., follow that tag on Medium. Here you’ll find a wide range of powerful stories written (mostly) by mothers living above the poverty level, yet still struggling to manage conflicting roles and demands. Medium welcomes contributions to the conversation. #WorkingParents #ItTakesAVillage

“Raiders of the Lost Web: If a Pulitzer-Finalist 34-Part Series of Investigative Journalism Can Vanish From the Web, Anything Can” by Adrienne LaFrance (The Atlantic)

"The web, as it appears at any one moment, is a phantasmagoria.” Digital preservation has always seemed mildly worthy and quite abstract to me, and I’ve had a hard time caring about it. This story made me care. We are building our house on sand, culturally speaking. #DigitalPreservation #WayBackMachine


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