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Change Convos Monthly Top Picks: 5 links we loved in June

By Pat Heffernan on 7/2/15 1:30 PM



It’s summertime in Vermont. Time for sunny days and warm weather. And time to catch up with friends over a great meal for lively conversation. Here are our monthly top picks for conversation starters this month — a recap our five favorite links from around the web in June. And read on to discover the top five stories from here on the Change Conversations blog.


Monthly top picks: 5 links we loved in June

1. Good Jobs

"People want a good job; they don't want informal jobs or self-employment out of necessity." Gallup cites a greater than 50% unemployment rate worldwide, using what seems to me to be a low standard for the definition of a "good job." Using Gallup's definition, a rural, moonlighting state like Vermont is likely to show a sky high unemployment rate.  #SharingEconomy  #VermontJobs


2. Positive Change #LoveWins

No question about this news: "Gay Marriage Upheld by Supreme Court in Close Ruling." The New York Times tells you all the facts, but we love it when powerful brands show "Rainbow Pride for Historic SCOTUS Ruling."


3. Gotcha! 

Mashable wrapped up the best 16 on-point responses from female scientists to a Nobel prize winner's sexist comments.


4. Walk the Talk

The Seattle Girl Scouts Council turned down $100k donation after being asked to exclude transgender girls. #WayToGoGirls


5. Monthly Obsession - Music

All the fuss about Taylor Swift and the rollout of Apple Music had us talking, comparing services and listening to music more than ever in June. While Songza and Pandora are current favorite streaming services, who knows how we'll feel after playing with new choices...



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