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Social Media in the B2B Marketplace

The value of social media in the B2C market space, not to mention people’s personal lives, is well documented. However, the use of social platforms by B2B companies is still an emerging and evolving trend. A recent webinar by eMarketer, explored how and why B2B companies are using social networks to promote their services or brands. The number one reason? They’ve realized their customers and prospects are there. I’ve chosen to highlight some key findings from the webinar that illustrate the current state of social media in the B2B marketplace.

Posted by Nicole Twohig on 5/21/12 10:00 AM

Social Marketing versus Social Media Marketing


Posted by Nicole Twohig on 4/7/11 12:00 AM

Don’t have a social media strategy? You’re not alone.

These days, when new clients come to us looking for strategic marketing communication plans, inevitably one of their first questions is about incorporating social media. Don’t we have to have it? Won’t it increase our customer base and revenue and help us leverage our small marketing budget? On the flip side, we find clients coming to us with few marketing tools in place, yet they will already have Facebook and Twitter accounts set up. Likely to be missing in either situation will be two important things: a social media strategy and an internal social media policy (we’ll save the latter for another post).

Posted by Nicole Twohig on 7/30/10 6:33 PM

Nielsen Challenging Consumer Segment Age Biases: Crazy?

Nielsen, one of the advertising industry’s oldest and most respected research companies, is taking consumer marketers to task by challenging them (and us) to rethink the old belief that marketing to those 50 and older is a waste of ad dollars. This probably seems absurd to many advertising firms, after all, the 18 to 49 year old audience segment has always been the gold standard, the dollar sign — the moneymaker! But now, with the youngest Baby Boomers just over 50, advertisers have to consider the sheer number of them, 78 million, in a fast-paced technology-based world.

Posted by Nicole Twohig on 7/22/10 10:02 AM