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Amy Riley

Image of a mamma duck followed by a flock of ducklings

2 min read

Social Norms: Harnessing Positive Peer Pressure for Change

At Marketing Partners, we’ve worked on dozens of social awareness and behavior change campaigns. (Secretly, they are my favorite kind of campaign!)...

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reframing my lawn_rotary_morguefile

2 min read

Marketing Spin in Suburbia (or “How I learned to Love My Lawn”)

I lead a hectic life—by choice, mind you. I’m not looking for sympathy here. It’s just a fact. With three young daughters and my husband, my job,...

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Image of literacy concepts within the shape of a rubber duck

3 min read

Media Literacy, Children and Mindful Marketing

Media literacy, children and mindful marketing have been on my mind lately. My nine-year-old daughter has recently become interested in knowing how...

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