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WheelPad L3C's Julie Lineberger Interviewed on Real Leaders Podcast

By Hiro Soga on Aug 31, 2022 10:45:00 AM

Photo of Julie Lineberger with Real Leaders podcast logo

Co-founder and President of WheelPad L3C, Julie Lineberger, was interviewed on the Real Leaders Podcast where she discussed the social responsibility values that are woven into Julie's life, including her businesses, and her journey that led to the creation of WheelPad L3C. 

Listen to the full episode below, or you can stream it by searching on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or most other podcast listening services.

Ep. 258 Value-Add Differentiation || Julie Lineberger, President of WheelPad

Hosted by Kevin Edwards

About the episode: Looking for ways to differentiate yourself by adding value to customers, employees, and your bottom-line? Julie Lineberger is the President of WheelPad whose goal is to respectfully and supportively provide transitional and permanent housing for people needing accessible living accommodations in an economical, socially conscious, and environmentally friendly way. 

Learn more about WheelPad L3C.