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Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children awards 2016 Early Educator of the Year

By Tara Pereira on Oct 17, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Permanent Fund for Vermont's Children Finalists with Aly Richards

We are excited to announce that our client, The Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children, awarded its second annual Early Educator of the Year Award to Jackie Reno, a decade-long veteran child care provider from Burlington. Kathi Apgar, of New Haven, was the 2016 award finalist. This year, The Permanent Fund honored excellence in center-based child care professionals.

Marketing Partners produced and directed videos on each finalist. It was a pleasure getting to know each of the providers and visiting their programs. 



The Permanent Fund recognizes excellence in the field of early education on a yearly basis in the hope of highlighting what quality child care looks like.