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Peg Devlyn

By Dave Bowers on Oct 10, 2012 9:00:00 AM

PegDevlyn_050642-10102012The Marketing Partners team has lost our co-founder, dear friend and valued colleague with the passing of Peg Devlyn. It is difficult to put into words the vital role Peg played in our firm from the very beginning. She was the woman with all the words, who knew just what to say and how to say it no matter the client or the situation. Peg was a great listener and a gifted writer with an ability to sift through the political minutiae, details and data to offer sage counsel, craft targeted messages and develop solid PR strategies for our clients. We learned from Peg that cooler heads truly do prevail no matter what the PR situation and we could always count on her to provide keen insight that made everything “right with the world.” Despite the many health challenges she faced throughout her life, Peg never complained and always put the firm’s clients first—she was warm and compassionate and always offered a gentle smile to others. Thoughtful, sharp, witty and wonderful…she will be deeply missed.