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New videos highlight the value of RN to BSN education in Vermont

By Tara Pereira on May 25, 2016 4:00:00 PM


The Vermont Action Coalition is pleased to announce the addition of two new videos for These videos highlight the value and process of RN to BSN education in Vermont.

Using the personal narratives of nurses living in Vermont, the videos illustrate the personal value and increased career opportunities for nurses who have a BSN. As well as the increased value to Vermont's community health with an increase in nurses prepared to the Baccalaureate degree.

We encourage you to visit Vermont and watch the new videos.

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 is an impartial information website to help RNs find an education program that meets their needs to earn their BS or BSN. Increasing the proportion of nurses with BSN degrees to 80% by 2020 was a key recommendation made by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). Currently, 44% of RNs working in Vermont have a BSN or higher, and Vermont has committed to reaching the IOM goal of 80% BSN-prepared nurses by 2022.

Marketing Partners helped to create these new videos, the website and a direct-to-RN outreach campaign so Vermont nurses are aware of the multiple education pathways and supports available to them.