King Street Center

Supporting long-term sustainability

King Street Center is a non-profit community organization in Burlington, Vermont that provides children and families the core life-building skills necessary for a healthy and productive future. The Center was born of meager resources amidst tremendous need within the diverse population in the heart of the City of Burlington. Their mission is to provide community-based support for children and their families through educational and recreational programs.

The Challenge

The nonprofit King Street Center served as an important community resource for Burlington but was struggling to maintain staff, services, and financial stability.

Insight: The Center lacked the tools to effectively communicate.

A strategic workplan identified the need for an updated identity, a new website that Center staff can update easily, and designed templates for outreach.



Our goal was to develop a toolbox of materials and messages to support their long-term sustainability.

  • Strategic communications and outreach plan
  • New logo and identity
  • Website design and coding
  • Corporate brochure design
  • Newsletter design and template
  • T-shirt for staff, volunteers and children attending programs
  • PR and message training
King Street Center

How We Helped

We “adopted” the King Street Center and dedicated a full year of services to the nonprofit community center. Our goal was to develop a toolbox of materials and messages to support their long-term sustainability.


Board members and staff report they are thrilled to have the tools they need for important meetings with potential donors and volunteers.

When a negative news story broke about nonprofit fund-raising practices, staff could, and did, draft and post an informational alert on the King Street website within hours. The Center’s supporters knew the facts and could respond quickly to stakeholders with questions or concerns.

The Center is financially stable and was able to conduct a successful capital campaign to finance a new building and expand services.

girls at doors to King Street Center