American Association of Daily Money Managers

Growing a profession to meet demand

The American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) is a national membership organization representing individuals and businesses in the field of daily money management. AADMM wanted to know how daily money managers and the association were perceived by the public, referral sources, and members  — as well as how to use information and education to advance its mission of helping those seeking services connect with qualified daily money management professionals.

The Challenge

Research confirmed the hypothesis that few people recognize the term “daily money manager” and even fewer understand how the services DMMs provide can help them or their loved ones.


There is growing market demand for businesses that provide personal financial services, such as bill paying and account reconciliation. Daily Money Managers serve a diverse and growing population from older adults to busy professionals.

Based on the identified lack of awareness and growing market demand, we worked with AADMM board subcommittees to develop a new positioning and strategic marketing plan.



Create an environment in the U.S. where the
daily money manager profession is easily recognized among older
adults (seniors) and their family members,
high-net-worth families, busy professionals,
and the consultants and advisors who serve them.

  • Build AADMM brand equity as the choice resource for those seeking information on daily money management.
  • Build strong relationships with financial consultants and advisors who serve affluent families, busy professionals, and older Americans.
  • Increase the value of membership to increase number and percent of members renewing (retention rate), the number of new members.


How We Helped

We worked with subcommittees to develop a new positioning and strategic marketing plan, and continue to assist with implementation, including content strategy, copywriting, editing, social media messaging, public awareness, website, and trainings for the volunteers on multiple board committees.


  • Collaborative blogging process produces on-message content consistently
  • New website with SEO enjoys steady growth in traffic
  • Steady increase in followers and engagement on social media
  • Increased communication with members supports retention