Marketing Glossary - T


Newspaper with a page size roughly half that of the standard newspaper. Approximate page dimensions are 14” deep by 10” to 12” wide, with five or six columns each 2” wide. A tabloid typically contains news in condensed form, with a great many photographs. A tabloid has the appearance of an unbound magazine and is sold flat, rather than folded in half, as is the standard-size newspaper.

Target Audience

Audience to whom advertising is directed. The target audience is defined in terms of Demographic (and sometimes Psychographic) characteristics, such as age, sex, education, income, buying habits, and the like.

Target Market

Group of persons for whom a firm creates and maintains a product or service mix that specifically fits the needs and preferences of that group.

Tear Sheet

Page clipped from a magazine or newspaper and sent to the advertiser or advertising agency as proof that an ad was inserted as ordered. Generally, a tear sheet accompanies the invoices for the advertisement, as many advertisers will not pay their bill without evidence that the ad ran as ordered.


A touchpoint is any time a potential customer or a customer comes in contact with your brand — before, during, or after they purchase something from you.

Triple bottom line

In contrast to the traditional focus on profit as the sole purpose of business, a triple bottom line company strives to balance people, planet and profit. The term "bottom line" is a reference to the last line on a firm's profit and loss statement. Sometimes abbreviated as TBL or 3BL, triple bottom line companies use newer reporting standards that include financial, social and environmental performance measures.