Marketing Glossary - M


There are many definitions out there, but the term marketing is generally used to describe any and all communication activities designed to motivate a specific purchase or behavior. Marketing is the umbrella term that includes the 5 Ps of the marketing mix (positioning, product, price, place, promotion) as well as the subdisciplines of advertising, public relations, sales, promotions, packaging, etc.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers to using a software platform or tool to streamline marketing and sales tasks by replacing repetitive tasks with automated solutions.

Media Reach

Size of audience exposed (See Exposure) to an advertisement through a particular medium.

Message Triangle

A message triangle is a tool designed to help you speak to your audience successfully by getting across your key messages in a compelling, concise and credible manner. It is based on the principle that it is easier to visualize an image than it is to memorize a lot of words. The visual image is of an equilateral triangle with one key message on each side.


Microsites are small websites with only a few pagaes that are built around a focused message or specific content. They are not a condensed version of your website. Microsites can be focused on and dedicated to a special campaign or anything that warrants more exploration of a subject.  They can be much better way to explore a product or subject in depth without having to navigate through the rest of your website.


MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses, are designed to enable large number of learners to participate via the web, often from around the world. Traditional college subjects and new disciplines are being offered by many of the top colleges and university professors in new and unusual ways. A MOOC is usually free, unless you wish to receive a certificate of completion, but college credit is not provided — which is a key factor distinguishing a MOOC from an online college course. Many marketing, communication, psychology, media studies and public policy courses are available from global MOOC providers.