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Government, association and nonprofit marketing have long been mainstays of the work we do at Marketing Partners — but only in recent years have we felt the need to identify this work separately. As the inclusive term social marketing is increasingly confused with social media marketing, we have started to use the term “Public Sector & Nonprofit Marketing” to describe our work on behalf of those working for social good.

We add a deep understanding of the special mission, needs and constraints of your work in this sector to the state-of-the-art marketing communications tactics and techniques in our toolbox so your constituents, members and donors will be well served.

Marketing Partners, Inc. is privileged to have served for many years numerous national, regional and state nonprofits, foundations and associations.

The firm has worked with 15 state agencies and departments over more than two decades and continues to serve as a pre-qualified marketing firm with the State of Vermont Chief Marketing Office, and a pre-qualified website planner and designer with the Vermont Department of Information and Innovation.