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Video Marketing Success for Nonprofits in 2017

By Tara Pereira on Feb. 16, 2017


It has been the “year of video” for at least 6 years now in the marketing world. But 2017 really might be the...

Repurpose your nonprofit video content for a new perspective

By Tara Pereira on Aug. 4, 2016


If you think about the time and resources needed to develop and produce a fantastic video for your nonprofit, it...

5 Myths That Can Sabotage Your Next Video

By Tara Pereira on May. 12, 2016


Video seems to be everywhere these days, but not all of it is great quality. Look out for these five myths that...

Video Storytelling: How to structure your testimonial

By Tara Pereira on Feb. 18, 2016


Video storytelling can be incorporated into your nonprofit's marketing strategy in many ways. Testimonial videos...

10 Tips for Success: How to conquer a video interview

By Tara Pereira on May. 28, 2015


When you think of being on camera and getting the word out about your mission, you may think initially of public...