In Marketing, Don’t Mistake a Shiny New Tool for Your Goal

One day as I flicked through a group of RSS and Twitter feeds for a client in education, I came across a sketch that made me chuckle in recognition. Bill Ferriter, a.k.a. @plugusin on Twitter, posted a reminder for educators: “What do You Want Kids to Do With Technology?” I chuckled to myself because several of the wrong answers listed for educators also regularly bedazzle small businesses and nonprofits into confusing a new tool (or shiny object) with a marketing goal.

Posted by Pat Heffernan on 12/21/17 8:25 AM

For the love of social media: How to optimize your photos


You’ve got the photo you want, so just post it – right? Not so fast!

Posted by Dave Bowers on 6/23/16 11:00 AM

See Opportunities for Your Website Using Analytics


As marketers, we strive to drive traffic to your website where a wealth of information about your company, organization, products, or events is just waiting to be discovered. You want visitors to find you, learn more about what you offer, and then move on to take some type of action – like buying, calling, or donating. But sometimes barriers or friction seem to disrupt the visitors' path and they leave your website prematurely. How do you find and fix the problem?

Posted by Dave Bowers on 7/9/15 10:00 AM

15 Fascinating Podcasts You Don't Want To Miss


Last year may have been declared the “Golden Age of Podcasts”, in no small part due to the run away popularity of the weekly NPR podcast Serial but it wasn’t until 2015 that the President of the United States appeared on comedian Marc Maron’s WTF. Today there are 285,000 podcasts up and running, heard by an estimated 39 million Americans a month, many of them affluent and highly educated[1]. Whether or not you’ve been hooked since 2005, as I must confess I’ve been, now is the time for communicators to explore podcasts. As the Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi noted: “Opportunity? I certainly think so.”

Posted by Pat Heffernan on 7/6/15 12:30 PM