Media interviews: Pro tips for beginners

 Being interviewed by the media for the first time can be nerve wracking. Whether it is a print interview or a broadcast interview, you are being asked very specific questions that you need to answer is a way that reflects well on your organization and you as a representative of that organization. Both print and broadcast have their own unique challenges but overall there are similarities to any media interview. Experts and beginners alike can benefit by keeping the following tips for media interviews in mind. 

Posted by Tara Pereira on 12/15/16 10:00 AM

Crisis Communication Priorities and Protocols


Crisis communication priorities and protocols are not something I really want our clients to gain experience with. But no matter what your industry or sector, you have at least one potential crisis lurking. (What if your manufactured product failed and caused a tragedy? If you are a nonprofit, what if an employee harmed a person in your care?) Even if you have recognized the need for crisis communication planning and developed your plan, you may find implementation challenging when you are in the midst of a crisis.

Posted by Pat Heffernan on 10/6/16 10:00 AM

How to clean up your email list & engage your subscribers


Email marketing is a a great way to engage and to nurture your community and contacts. But you need to take care of a very important anchor that is the foundation of any email marketing program — your contact list.  This is important because it is likely you will lose one third of your contacts every year through attrition or “churn.”

Posted by Tara Pereira on 6/9/16 10:30 AM

Event planning 201: What’s happening before, during and after


In previous posts, we’ve shared the basics of event planning: how to make your event newsworthy and a top 10 list for every event. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the before, during and after details that can make or break any event.

Posted by Sally Kieny on 10/22/15 10:00 AM

Top 10 Things to Remember for Event Planning


Planning an event can be a daunting effort. Any missteps can have critical repercussions for your mission and your brand down the line, so it is important to develop a strategic checklist while you are in your planning phase, and then refine the details later. As the expression goes, you want to have your "ducks in a row" before you begin any active preparations.

I’ve developed a top 10 list of the most important items to remember when planning an event. These things will help ensure your event runs smoothly and will lessen the chance of your hitting any pitfalls along the way.

Posted by Pat Heffernan on 8/17/15 10:00 AM

10 Tips for Success: How to conquer a video interview


When you think of being on camera and getting the word out about your mission, you may think initially of public relations and participating in a media interview. But don't limit yourself. In marketing and outreach today, there are many different ways video can be used in promotion. Preparing for media interviews and messaging can become a core part of your marketing and content strategy. And while preparing for a media interview and preparing for a testimonial video or promotional video are similar, there are a few slight differences. Let's look at both what's the same and what's different about the most common video interview types.

Posted by Tara Pereira on 5/28/15 10:00 AM

Building your social media team (and age is not a factor!)

This baby boomer has concluded that building your social media team is more a matter of depth, interest, and judgment than it is age. Personally, I’ve never been an early adopter of technology. I think I was the last one in the office to get a smart phone (and now, of course, I can’t imagine living without one). Social media tools like Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and the rest were not around when I entered the advertising industry more than 20 years ago. I guess you could say I grew up on traditional PR and marketing. How times have changed! I have been around long enough to feel (and see) the effects that social media has had, especially in the PR world. Social media has not replaced traditional PR (nor will it ever), but it has greatly added to how we can develop relationships with the media and help our clients communicate their key messages and stories to their audiences and strengthen their brands.

Posted by Sally Kieny on 8/23/12 10:00 AM