Logo, Corporate Identity or Brand — What’s the Difference?

Logo, Corporate Identity or Brand — What’s the difference? When a company begins to consider ways to visually represent themselves, their product, service or idea, these terms are sometimes used interchangeably. There are significant differences though, and building a solid understanding of these three terms is valuable for every marketer.

Posted by Brad Pettengill on 9/28/17 10:00 AM

Basic Quality Control for your Brand Image


It’s a familiar problem. You have invested a great deal of time and money to create a strong visual identity for your mission-driven organization. But the stuff that’s out there in the public eye representing you is not consistent: colors don't match, your logo is stretched or fuzzy, or your promotional materials appear disjointed and don't speak with one voice. So your brand is compromised. Which can lead to doubt, distrust and lack of confidence in the quality of your service or product. How do you prevent it?

Posted by Brad Pettengill on 8/31/17 10:00 AM

How to work with your designer to get the best logo design

Posted by Brad Pettengill on 6/29/17 10:00 AM

Logo Design 101: The Coat of Arms, Crest and Shield

In article 6 of the series, Logo, Corporate Identity or Brand—What's the Difference? we continue to explore combination marks—logos using both typography and symbols—as we delve into the design categories of crests and shields. Since this series continues to expand as we go deeper into the categories of logo design, here are the previous articles in order:

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