Effective Employee Recruitment Marketing for Professional Firms

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “7.1 million openings were available in February 2019, but only 5.7 million hires were made.” When there are more jobs available than there are workers, companies have to use effective marketing strategies like inbound recruitment to sell your employer's brand to a job seeker. Applying for and accepting a job is a big decision, so nurturing leads who are interested in your firm is paramount.

Posted by Guest Blogger on 4/9/20 11:15 AM

Reluctant marketers on staff? Here's how to conquer their fear of social media


Blogging, tweeting, pinning, posting – you know it's essential, but what do you do when you have reluctant marketers on your staff who are uncomfortable making a splash in the social media pool? After all, 55% of charitable organizations using social media say it plays an important role in their marketing efforts. It's time to convince those reluctant marketers to start swimming. Here are some social media starter tips and tools to help them do just that

Posted by Clare Innes on 7/26/18 10:47 AM

Puzzled by Content Marketing vs Inbound Marketing?

Know that you are not alone. You are definitely not the only one puzzled by distinguishing between the terms content marketing and inbound marketing. It is a question I hear often. Playing such marketing buzzword bingo at your next management or trustee meeting is a waste of time for you as a busy change maker. Let’s piece together the answer to this puzzle.

Posted by Pat Heffernan on 7/12/18 11:05 AM

Your Buyer Knows More Than You Do


The sales dynamic continues to change, and today's buyers are better informed and further along in their decision process before they first reach out to a company or sales person. With information so readily available to buyers in every industry, your buyer is often 50% or more through their journey before you even know they exist. Your buyer knows more than you do about their journey at that point — putting your sales team at a disadvantage. If you want to change the situation, inbound marketing offers a solution by proactively attracting and nurturing prospects at every stage in their journey. 

Posted by Dave Bowers on 3/2/17 10:00 AM

How to Start a Podcast for Your Mission-Driven Brand


With the current podcast boom brought on by the likes of Serial and This American Life, it seems like there is a podcast for everyone and every brand is podcasting. But before you go out there and grab some equipment like the bright-eyed go-getter I know you are, you better take a look deep inside yourself and answer some questions.

Posted by Guest Blogger on 12/1/16 10:00 AM

Top #Inbound16 Takeaways: It is all about the audience


This is my second year attending Inbound, the annual HubSpot extravaganza (also known as a conference). The workshops I attended last year focused on the importance of storytelling and really connecting on a deeper level with your audience. This year is a good reminder that, content marketing is all about audience, personas, and community.

Posted by Tara Pereira on 11/10/16 10:00 AM

Get an A+ with these 5 blog tips


For a lot of us, back-to-school means change. Change of schedule, change of traffic patterns, but I like to think of September as an opportunity to start over and assess. I last wrote about the back-to-school season in B is for Blog. With every new year, it can be nice to step back, review and then move forward with intention and planning.  It is time for you to level up to the next grade and update or change the way your team has been thinking about the company blog. Over the last year, I’m sure you have all been taking the advice of B is for Blog, right?

Posted by Tara Pereira on 9/8/16 11:00 AM

How to build a social content library for a rainy day


We all can agree that social media marketing can sometimes seem like a beast that is always hungry. Sure it can be a lot of fun and it is always great to put an image out there that instantly connects. We all looooove the likes, the shares, and especially the comments. But even with a solid editorial calendar and extensive rss feeds, regularly providing thoughtful information and visually rich content can be a challenge. So what do you do? Easy - be prepared and plan. Stock your content library like a squirrel grabbing acorns and getting ready for winter.

Posted by Tara Pereira on 3/17/16 10:00 AM

Why Your Content Strategy Desperately Needs Serendipity


It is every marketer or writer’s nightmare. After years of carefully planned and executed content strategy, your recipe for creating content is falling flat. Matching mission-driven keywords to audience social media sharing stats and website traffic reports is starting to lead to utterly predictable and b-o-r-i-n-g content.

Posted by Pat Heffernan on 3/10/16 11:00 AM

Why inbound needs to be part of your marketing


Inbound marketing is no longer a new concept. Even marketers and other business leaders not currently practicing inbound or content marketing tend to be at least somewhat familiar with the methodology. At the other end of the adoption spectrum, a healthy number of marketers have gone all in on inbound marketing, and learned valuable lessons along the way.

Posted by Dave Bowers on 1/28/16 10:00 AM

5 Best-in-Class Marketing Lessons for SMBs [New Data]


In today’s world of big data, actionable data remains rare — especially for the small and midsize businesses (SMBs) whose limited marketing resources make gut-based decision making most risky. Which is why the wealth of actionable data in the just-released seventh State of Inbound Marketing 2015 report is such a resource. (Do not be misled by the term inbound marketing in the title; a wide range of marketing tactics is covered.)

Posted by Pat Heffernan on 10/13/15 9:00 AM

Podcasts: Building community with sound

Lately, whenever I have free moment I’ve been listening to podcasts. Just like any other type of media content, digital audio segments can be funny, sad, interesting and informative, all at the same time. They can be a source of education and of creative inspiration. They can also be a great way for your organization to produce additional content for your community with a quick turnaround.

Posted by Tara Pereira on 10/8/15 1:27 PM

#Inbound15 Takeaways: Content Marketing pro tips


Going to a Hubpot marketing conference for the first time can be be pretty exciting– the disco lights, the vibe, the 14,000 creative smart people all in one place, and of course the many  presentations by smart creative people. This year, I focused my agenda schedule on content marketing, strategy and storytelling. Here are my top takeaways.

Posted by Tara Pereira on 9/24/15 10:00 AM

Inbound Marketing 101: Lead (Don’t Push) Your Prospects


I had the opportunity to take off my “marketing hat” this summer as I took a leave of absence from work. But in reality, we marketers never really remove our marketing hats whether we leave the office for the day, a week or a few months—that’s because marketing lessons abound and always seem to find us even in our ordinary lives as consumers.

Posted by Sally Kieny on 9/17/15 10:00 AM

Opportunities for Your Website Using Analytics: A Clear Path


In my last post, Seeing Opportunities for Your Website Using Analytics, I showed a few key reports from Google Analytics to see how traffic enters, travels through, and leaves your website. We also sketched the path we’d like traffic to follow. Now our job is to to make it easy to see the behavior we want by showing our visitors how to follow the path.

Posted by Dave Bowers on 9/10/15 10:00 AM

B is for Business Blog: 5 tips for success

This week my kids went back to school and I started thinking about the importance of writing fundamentals in school and more specifically in business blogs. Nurturing your community by offering them story and content to make you a valued part of their tool kit is something that should be at the very basis of your blogging.

Posted by Tara Pereira on 8/27/15 10:00 AM

How to Grow Your Own Triple Bottom Line Marketers


Skills can be taught; values cannot.” That old saying rings true, but growing your own skilled marketers takes lots of time, energy and money. That’s why I, like most small and midsize business owners (SMBs), look to bring in skilled talent when the workload suddenly swells. Nowhere is this more likely then when you’re seeking an in-demand skill like inbound marketing. It’s a challenge to add versatile inbound skills to a triple bottom line values match, so I‘m delighted by a new option. Whether you’re hiring or you simply want to offer valuable choices for your existing marketing team and interns, here’s how you can grow your own triple bottom line marketers.

Posted by Pat Heffernan on 5/4/15 10:00 AM