Marketing Wuss or Wizard: Which Are You?

Wuss isn’t a word I use often, but it came to my mind fleetingly as an appropriate self-description during my drive home from the holidays. Though there was only the slightest visible dusting of snow on the highway, I started driving in second or third gear with my hazard lights on and car after car kept passing my (usually speeding) red roadster. But despite the weather map and my fellow travelers, I had decided I did not like the feel of the road beneath my snow tires.

Posted by Pat Heffernan on 1/10/19 11:43 AM

Message Framing and Your Brain: Why repetition and focus matter


If you are seeking positive change, you know your language choice matters. Your nightmare is to inadvertently use a word that triggers a frame in opposition to the change you want to see. Worse yet is to witness a counter-productive frame or an outright lie being repeated over and over again. Let’s look at why repetition matters, why what changemakers focus on matters, and what you can do to be sure you are advancing your mission rather than hurting it.

Posted by Pat Heffernan on 2/9/17 10:00 AM

Nielsen Challenging Consumer Segment Age Biases: Crazy?

Nielsen, one of the advertising industry’s oldest and most respected research companies, is taking consumer marketers to task by challenging them (and us) to rethink the old belief that marketing to those 50 and older is a waste of ad dollars. This probably seems absurd to many advertising firms, after all, the 18 to 49 year old audience segment has always been the gold standard, the dollar sign — the moneymaker! But now, with the youngest Baby Boomers just over 50, advertisers have to consider the sheer number of them, 78 million, in a fast-paced technology-based world.

Posted by Nicole Twohig on 7/22/10 10:02 AM